38½: 1 man & 2 minnaars quotes
‘A book in the style of Gooische vrouwen* and Desperate Housewives.’
ANP Pers Support

‘A witty novel! Very Sex and the City, very now!’

‘Amusing and so true! A must-have for on your night table or on holiday, especially for all fans of Gooische Vrouwen.’
Linda de Mol

‘What a fresh breeze!’
Gordon, singer and presenter

‘Wonderfully refreshing!‘
Wilma Nanninga, de Telegraaf

‘272 pages’ worth of suspense and entertainment that you should not miss! An absolute must-have!’
Manuëla Kemp, presenter and singer

‘A street-smart, savvy lady, that might be a way to describe Xenia Kasper. Forty-something, willowy, fashionconscious and independent. She knows the ins and outs of the entertainment business like the back of her wellmanicured hand. Her job is managing: the schedules of ‘her’ artists, their photo shoots, their press meetings and interviews. She has been doing it for years and doing it well; and loved every minute of it.’
Feeling magazine

‘38½ is a bold and sassy novel about four forty-somethings living in Little Vernich, Germany’s Beverly Hills.’
Memory magazine

‘Xenia is a manager, a wife, a mother and now an author, and juggles all these responsibilities as if she has never done otherwise.’

‘A must-read for all fans of Gooische vrouwen!’

‘Xenia Kasper is well known in the entertainment business as the manager of such talents as Linda de Mol and Gordon. Now she has published her debut, an exciting novel about four women who succumb to infatuation and lust.’

*Gooische Vrouwen (based on the idea of Linda de Mol) is currently one of the most popular tv-series in The Netherlands with over 1,5 million viewers.